Voilà un autre exemple limpide de la liberté que l'utilisation de logiciel libre nous donne: avec un vieil ordinateur, et un vieux Palm, construisez l'ultime Juke Box digital.

Sur le site GiantDisc on trouve toutes les informations nécéssaires pour transformer un vieux Pentium en un JukeBox MP3 completement libre. Voilà un extrait des logiciels libres utilisés:

Required Third Party Software and Prerequisites

   * A running GNU/Linux system. X11 is not needed.
   * A Palm handheld. As of version 1.34, at least PalmOS 3.5 is required. 
      GiantDisc version 1.33 is the last that supports PalmOS2.x models.
   * Perl, at least version 5.005
   * database engine mysql, at least version 3.23.02,
      Packages mysql, mysql-client, mysql-devel (used by DBD)
   * Perl-MySQL interface modules: DBI and DBD/Msql-Mysql-modules
   * Perl package CDDB_get to calculate the CDDB hash number of a CD
      and to access to the repository. (available at
   * mpeg1-layer3 player mpg123 or mplayer
   * mp3 file tag editor id3lib (
   * mp3 file infos mp3info (

Optionally required third party software

   * To play or record CDs:
         o cd ripper cdparanoia (needed to read audio CD tracks)
         o mp3 encoder lame (needed to compress audio tracks) 
         o cd player cdplay
         o make sure the CD-ROM drive is readable by anybody. 
   * To control the volume: Audio mixer aumix
   * To allow the Palm to shut down the server: 
        usershutdown available at
   * To play and record ogg-vorbis files:
        ogg123, oggenc, ogginfo available at
   * To play and record flac files:
        flac, metaflac available at,
        and rawplay available at
   * a few other packages for the web interface, the LCD display etc.
      as explained in the specific sections in the manual

Essayez de faire de même sur un système propriétaire!