Description des bibliographies au format DMI, et distribution standard


  1. Introduction (DVI)
  2. Référence brève (DVI)


  1. La distribution des styles (tar gzipped)
  2. Un outil pour convertir les bibliographies en HTML (tar gzipped)


Notice that you can very easily customize the headers produced by the bibliographic style, by adding in your source BibTeX file the appropriate incantation. For example, to change the header for invited article, just add the following directive

        {\bf Invited articles}
        \end{center}\nopagebreak[4]}  "}

Also, you can change the relative order of the categories, by including in your BibTeX file the following special configuration entry

       author = "x",
       chronology-order = "Asc",
       year-first = "true",
       dmi-category-order = "livr chap edit arti jour autj invi intc autc thes cour manu subm rapl autr rapp"

where you can define also if you want ascending or descending chronological order, and if the date is more or less significant than the author name when sorting entries.

Roberto Di Cosmo