Hijacking the World

The dark side of Microsoft.

Roberto Di Cosmo and Dominique Nora (French version published by Calmann-Levy 1998, ISBN 2-7021-2923-4)

This english translation of the original work "Le Hold Up Planétaire", was done by Kirk McElhearn, and published in France by Calmann-Lévy in October 1998, is now made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Licence known as Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial [local copy] with the following modification to the rights granted in section 3:
  • Recipient may not include the present work into a collective work;
  • Recipient is only allowed to copy and distribute the present work by electronic means (publish on a web page, send via e-mail, exchange via a peer-to-peer network, etc.), with the express exclusion of mass distribution of printed copies, unless explicitly authorised by the authors. For inquiries about such an authorisation, please contact roberto@dicosmo.org.
It will always be available online at the url http://www.dicosmo.org/HoldUp/English/Hijacking_the_World.pdf and in HTML here (thanks to Javier Smaldone for the formatting) .


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